Through the Jacarandas by Julia Carter

Through the Jacarandas  2019

Acrylic on Canvas

180cm x 140cm SOLD

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Life's Flow by Julia Carter

Life's Flow  2017

Acrylic on Canvas

120 x 180cm SOLD

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Always (Commission) by Julia Carter

Always (Commission)  2017

Mixed Media on Canvas

150x150cm SOLD

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Many Wishes by Julia Carter

Many Wishes  2017

Acrylic on Canvas

120 x 100cm SOLD

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Tree of Life Commission by Julia Carter

Tree of Life Commission  2017

Acrylic and Gold Leaf on Canvas

50 x 60cm SOLD

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Path of Love Commission by Julia Carter

Path of Love Commission  2017

Acrylic on Canvas

200cm x 350cm (3 panels)SOLD

Eternity Commission by Julia Carter

Eternity Commission  2016

Acrylic on Canvas triptych SOLD

210cm x 300cm

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Two Birds Came to a Tree and Magic Happened by Julia Carter

Two Birds Came to a Tree and Magic Happened  2016

Acrylic and Gold leaf on Linen

76 x 101cm SOLD

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Life is Precious Commission by Julia Carter

Life is Precious Commission  2017

Acrylic and silver leaf on Canvas

150 x 150cm SOLD

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Magical Dream by Julia Carter

Magical Dream  2017

Acrylic on Canvas

90 x 120cm SOLD

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