I Am by Julia Carter

I Am  2015

Mixed Media on Canvas

150cm x 225cm Triptych $9900

I Am (triptych) depits a colourful Tree of Life which celebrates all the the important ellements for living an abundant and meaningful life. This painting was inspired by the powerful documentary by Tom Shadyak in which two simple questions are addressed. What is wrong with the world and what can we do to make it better? He discovers that material possesions don't make us happy, that there is a fundamental connection of all things, and we function best when surrounded by positive emotions. These concepts are interwoven in the painting using inspirational quotes and natural symbols, textured layers and hidden ellements take the viewer on a journey of discovery and reflection. The positive energy of the work is to uplift the spirit and reach out like the very branches of the tree, to one another with love, caring and compassion.

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